Louise Malecha with her husband, Todd, own and operate “Malecha Enterprises” which includes: Malecha Dairy, Malecha Farms, Precision Pumping and Malecha Sales.

Louise, HR and Dairy Manager, manages Malecha Dairy and oversees and leads all human resources responsibilities for the dairy. She also mentors several key people within the dairy, to ensure a positive and productive work envirnoment will remain in effect for future years to come.

Louise has homeschooled all seven of their children, which has been a strong foundation in her leadership skills.  She contributes her success to her husband, Todd, and her raising and teaching their children in the agricultural lifestyle, which has given them a strong work ethic and leadership opportunities.

On January 13, 2021, Louise became an International Best Seller when she launched her first book, “Going to Papa and Nana’s Farm”. Her plan is to write a series of children’s books educating the world to what really happens in the agricultural world through the eyes of children.

Louise now enjoys time when she can brighten her grandchildren’s imagination and bring it to life by showing and teaching them activities on their farming operation, as she did her own children.

Louise has a strong passion for teaching, mentoring, health, and fitness.  She believes by a person taking care of their health, it will make a positive effect on their business.