Todd Malecha is the President and Visionary of Malecha Enterprises, a dairy operation in Southern Minnesota that encompasses 2,300 head of cattle, Precision Pumping, an agricultural and environment pumping operation, along with custom straw bailing and chopping services. 

Over the course of my career I have developed a passion for achieving goals, growing businesses, and creating new markets. I enjoy the opportunity to identify and cultivate talented leaders within our organizations, and providing servant leadership to aid them in reaching individual and company goals. With a family-first approach I continue to add value and ensure the viability of our operations for generations to come.

Currently my wife and I own and operate four business units, all based at our home/office near Villard, MN. We began our business when we were married in 1989. At that time, we had a Ford Taurus automobile, lived in a $1,000 14′ x 70′ trailer home and had $5,000 of medical bills. Through hard work, creativity and tenacity we have built a substantial agricultural business focusing in both production and custom services. Today, two generations are active in the business. We have seven children. Five of them, and one in-law, have key roles in the businesses.

I am fortunate to have learned from and developed mentor relationships with thought leaders and professionals spanning multiple disciplines all around the world. I believe in continual education and learning, formally and informally, to further my knowledge and effectiveness.